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Minimal set

Supply and furnish for a performance for at least where involved 1 Performer, 1 Sound Designer (SD), 1 Light Designer (LD) plus costumes and properties.


  • Curtin with metal wire and two wooden polls (Curtin will be placed in the front of the space, two stable points left and two in the right needed)
  • Swing (Stable metal bar in the roof on the back of the stage to hang the swing will be needed when it is outdoor space with trees the swing will be hanged from the ARTIST in a strong branch of a tree)
  • Wooden Ladder


  • A lighting console with a minimum of 12 channels.
  • 1 Twelve Channel Dimmer.
  • 8 Single PAR 64 with floor stand.
  • 2 ETC Source 4 750W
  • 2 Light Stands
  • 1 Fog machine
  • 1 Fluter 2kw
  • Sufficient extension cable must be available for complete flexibility in the use of above lighting equipment - including the proper circuiting of boom units
  • 2 Schuko power points of 2kw
  • Ladder at least 5 meters tall


  • Sound console with 2 available channels
  • 2 Speakers with stands
  • Amplification with sufficient wattage to drive 2 Speakers