The performance style and inspiration comes from the building of  installations as a playground for the performance action, often integrating a site specific style of work using the surrounding environment, i.e objects, nature.  Adam Read has been exploring different forms of  street theater, location theater, site specific work and visual stage performance -  creating pictures using light, sound and set design that leave an effect on the public. 

Combining these elements and processes  the performance action relies also on live interaction with public. 

Recent  productions:

2009-2010: “The Garden”,  “Translux” and “Booroloola“, which have been played in different festivals and stages.

2012-2013: The play "John Gabriel Borkman“ (Ibsen) and "12-Spartenhaus"
 -  a collaboration with directors Vegard Vinge and Ida Müller (Norway) in Prater Volksbühne theater in Berlin. 

2013: New production "Wheels of time" - a collaboration with Fyodor Makarov, the production premiered in Haifa International Children Festival. "Radiant" - a site specific performance created as an art installation with sponsorship of Linz Plasterspektakel and performed in different interesting locations.